Requesting a decent upvote per day for myanmar community

To all witnesses and stakeholders

Firstly We would like to introduce ourself. We are using myanmar tag and we are non-english community. The following facts would make you interesting abaout myanmar community.

ag Posts Rewards Authors
spanish 1 2 1
indonesia 2 6 2
kr 3 1 5
aceh 4 8 3
cervantes 5 4 4
deutsch 6 5 9
cn 7 3 8
castellano 8 9 7
venezuela 9 14 6
tr 10 7 10
polish 11 13 11
fr 12 10 14
japanese 13 11 12
myanmar 14 15 15
pt 15 12 18
ru 16 16 17
thai 17 18 16
ua 18 19
mexico 20 13
steemit-austria 20 17

The data from above table is extracting from @jacekw’s post. The following link will lead you to his post.

Currently myanmar community is falling down on all aspects I mentioned above. Our post may not get noticed from other steemians because we are only using myanmar language when writing posts. Myanmar language is unique and other steemians can not read well even if they use google translate.

Recently there is an initiative called @steeveapp. They will curate manually on good posts. Their plan is very well and they are pointing out there are a lot of steemians who have not used their steempower. So they will use other’s SP for good contents. I believe it is a good idea.

But why we can not get a change like this? Why we can not get noticed?

I am requesting a decent upvote for myanmar community from a huge SP stakeholders. I know you will not understand myanmar language but this should not be reason why we should not get rewarded. We have a curation team that include @mmunited(me), @aggamun, @nayhlaingsoe and @lwanwai. We already did manual curation on myanmar posts. I believe we can do this very well with no bias.

Here I want to define decent upvote this should be more than 10 STU in current steem price. I am asking for only one decent per day for myanmar community. We will choose a post everyday and will make a post everyday which post has been chosen. I think this is fair enough to get one big upvote for a medium size community. I believe this will make myanmar community grow. More people will come in and wirte posts because they can get a big upvote by creating good contents. I hope witnesses and stakeholders will help our community. Thanks for reading my post if you do so.