Answers for the questions of @jacekw

After reading your post I am asking myanmar community for your question. Only a fews people are interesting to answer your questions. So I will answer your questions. My answers would not represent the whole myanmar community but you may know about myanmar community.

1. How would you describe the #myanmar community in a few sentences?
The #myanmar community is not very big and it is not very well organized. We use only facebook and messenger to communicate. We have discord channel but it is rarely used. I have make statstics about esteem but not about the whole community. I have to do like this.

2. Which #myanmar users are most recognized on Steem?
* @kachinhenry – @Curie’s curator and leader of Myanmar Steemit Community.
* @patricksanlinn – @Curie’s curator
* @dpakyaw – Leader of Myanmar Steemit User
* @mmunited – Curator of C2 curation and esteem for myanmar language and epic blogger. It is me.
* @bobokyaw – individual with highest reputation in myanmar.

3. What Steem projects have been created by people from your community?
Currently We have not created any project. In near future we have plan to make a project but we still need developers to make a project.

4. Which witness come from the #myanmar community.
There is no witness in myanmar community.

5. Does #myanmar community stick together or is it divided into many groups?
Previously we have at least 4 groups. Now we only have two groups. MSC is major group which has a lot of members and msu is a smaller supported by @dpakyaw.

6. What principles / conventions / initiative have you developed?
We used only #myanmar tag and no prefix system.
We planned to make a contest but it fails many times.
Currently I am making a steemmonsters cards giveaway contest.
We have curation service supported by C2 that upvotes good contents.
We upvote the users who use esteem-myanmar tag.

7. What are the biggest problems of #myanmar community?
decreasing activity in recent months because of steem price
can not community well with other community or steem user because of language barrier.

8. Mohinga

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Final words
Is there a way to collaborate with your community. What is the deal? What will you give and what will you take back. I believe we can grow together.


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