Win Steemmonster of Your choice Giveaway 👊 No Upvote, No Resteem, No Follow Required!

This is a contest post supported by the contestkings. According to their rules there is no upvote, resteem and follow is needed. Only one comment is needed to participate in contest.

What is the prize?

I will write down a list of spare cards I have. I already reach certain level on this cards so I don’t need this right now. I want to share  my cards with others. You may choose the card you needed or you may choose the highest value card. The winner will get only one card from the list.

Monsters Name Splinter Rarity Market Price
Giant Roc Fire Common 0.05
Kobold Miner Fire Common 0.09
Fire Beetle Fire Common 0.07
Serpentine Solider Fire Rare 0.15
Pirate Captain Water Common 0.06
Flesh Golem Earth Common 0.14
Minotaur Warrior Earth Common 0.05
Earth Elemental Earth Rare 0.15
Stonesplitter Orc Earth Rare 0.1
Silvershield knight Life Common 0.05
Haunted Spider Death Common 0.07
Haunted Spirit Death Rare 0.16
Twisted Jester Death Rare 0.12
Undead Priest Death Rare 0.2

Disclaimer: This list will be updated contest by contest.

How do I enter?

Comment one monster name in the above list. Assuming your steemit name and steemmonster name is the same if it is different you may need to comment your steemmonster username.

Can I enter more than Once?

Only one entry per person.

The procedures of selecting the winner.

  1. Every participants will get a number according to their commenting time. eg first comment #1
  2. I will comment their entry number below their comment.
  3. I will use google random number generator to choose a winner.
  4. If there is only one participant I will give card to him.

What time you will get the card?

Participant will get the card after the payout.

Want to join Contestkings discord family?

Use: to connect with our crew.

Disclaimer: Contest rules may change time by time.



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