Steemmonsters:Loan request for steemmonsters

I wrote for the steemians who never play steemmonsters before or steemmonsters player who want to get some new experiences. So I wanna give my cards for exchange with some steem or SBD. I will set some terms and condition for the loan cards.

  1. Collateral = current market price
  2. Daily rate = hundredth of collateral
  3. Max day = 5, 10 etc…

Every steemmonsters player can not have all kinds of cards. So he may need some cards to borrow from others. There will be a market soon I think. People will hire their cards with some SBD/Steem in exchange. Someone may hire one/two card and put this card/cards in his desk and battle. I will propose a different approach for the new comer. Before buying a starter pack you can borrow fire splinter cards from me.


Monsters Collateral Daily rate
Malric Inferno 0.4 0.004
Goblin Shaman 0.12 0.001
Kobold Miner 0.1 0.001
Fire Beetle 0.12 0.001
Serpentine Soldier 0.2 0.002
Pit Orge 0.2 0.002
Cerberus 0.2 0.002
Fire Demon 0.4 0.004
Serpent of the Flame 0.4 0.004
Total 2.15 0.021


With this price showing in the table, one can be battle. He can terminate the loan any time. There is also a discord channel if you want to loan with cheap price. Just join the following discord. You can borrow dragon and other useful cards.

I want to expand more on this condition. What about borrowing a combine cards pack. It will contain all cards from a specific splinter. But for the beginner level 1 card desk is enough for them. Someone who want to borrow card from me can comment in this post. Someone who want to lend cards to me can also comment in this post. So there can be a trade between lender and borrower. I will also borrow cards from others if I like to use in battle.