Steemmonsters: Team setups based on attacking style

I wrote two strategy posts already and this is my third post about steemmonsters strategy. There are many team setup according to their splinter so I will write about not the splinter but the attacking style.


  1. Attacking to Tank with all fire power
  2. Attacking Tank and the last
  3. Attacking nearly every monsters


  1. Attacking to Tank with all fire power

We can see a lot of match in this style. This setup happens when there is no monsters with sneak or snipe ability in your team. This strategy is really good to use with the tank who has relative low health like SPINDBACK TURTLE. There are two kind of setups in this strategy. One is magical and another one is physical. Sometimes they may use mixed attacks that contains both physical and magical magical damage.

Counter: If enemy uses magical attack primarily, the opponent should use the tank with void ability because that has magic reduction. If enemy use physical attack primarily, the opponent  should choose high armor and shield ability. Healing is also mandatory for the tank.


  1. Attacking Tank and the last monster

This happens when the team has monsters with sneak ability. Sneaker will attack the last one. For this kinds of setup, oppoents he should has the monster with high health with dodge or high armor in the last position. Sometimes they use magical attack to attack the last position monsters. I did not see the monster that possess void ability.

Counter: There are only one monster that attack using magical damage so most of the time the monsters with high health, high armor and dodge ability will be okay for the opponents.

  1. Attacking nearly every monsters

This happen when enemy team has the monsters with snipe ability, sneak ability and blast ability. In this case this is okay to play with the tank with relatively low health than other tanks. I prefer using the monster with high damage output because I need to pass through the tank. If I can pass through the tank the second position monster will have health lower than tank. This will be good to finish the battle as soon as possible so choose the line up to attack only the tank.


Counter: Try to attack the tank first if opponents can pass through the tank. The closeset monster will attack the tank so he can not attack behink. It will be better to get through at least two monsters to sure a win because their attacks are spreaded. So we should focus on only one opponent.




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