Analysing on my favourite (underdog) life splinter

Why I am talking life splinter as underdog?

If someone take a look at my picture he may see no one is choosing life splinter. They are not choosing life splinter because other splinters can perfrom very well than life splinter at low level.

You will see his great potential starting from Tyrus Paladium level 5. For the max level I like @fenrir78 team. He build the absolute defence and sneaking.

Silvershield Paladin has shield and magic reflect. If she died, Angel of light resurrect her. Feral Spirit is used for sneaking. Feral Spirit is a killer. Defender of Truth protect all. He give +2 armor to all. Angel of light also increase damage and heal tank.

In this video Angel of Light resurrected Defender of Truth with one heart but with six armor. This is all about damage and armor but for low level I can not find any potential of this splinter and I need to reach at least 5th level of Tyrus Paladium. I also like I also like Silvershield Knight and Angel of Light combo for the team with low health monster. He will kill one by one because of his trample. He may have 7 damage if two inspire stack but I haven’t test it.

What ability will you get if you reach Tyrus Paladium level 5.

Summoner is the key player because he can not summon the level of monsters more than his level allowed. If Tyrus Paladium reach level 5, he can summon level 6 common monsters, level 5 rare monsters, level 4 epic monsters and levl 3 legendary monsters.

Clay Golem level 5 will possess the ability Enrage.  Divine Healer will possess the new ability Slow. Feral Spirit health will increase by 1. Others are not much difference. Alternative way is purchasing angels and use it with Silvershield Paladin. She will also get magic reflect at level 5.  Thanks for reading my post. Most of the people did not like life splinter I think. The main advantage of this splinter is the price of the cards are very cheap because of less popularity.


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