An initiative to solve RC problems: contests that delegate SP

I has seen 2 posts that writing about RC problems in featured posts of #payitforward curation contest. I think a lot of redfish are suffering this problems. @simplymike,@welcomewagon, @markangeltrueman and @llfarms are giveaway SP in their contest. I will add links below:

I think this is a bit too late to enter the contests because the contests are almost finished. If someone knows about the new contest please comment me in my post. I will not write detail about this contests you can read in their repsective posts.

What do I want to do?

I also want to help others but I only have a fews SP. I am also very active in steemit and I need a lot of SP to make engagements. I would like to share my SP to others through contest. Basically 50 SP is enough for the redfish if you are not very active in steemit. As @surpassinggoogle said with 50 SP redfish can comment 65 over 5 days so he can make 12 comments a day. That would be enough for newbies if they are not very active.

Let’s make your SP to 50.

I want to make some assumptions. The redfish g0t 15 SP delegation from @steemit account. He only make not more than 12 comments per day. He did not cast self-vote. He wrote quality posts. He never power down before. The redfish must not delegate SP to others. I will consider and choose redfish with this criteria.

I also want to apply some rules:

  • Make a post and drop your link in comment or directly comment in this post why we should delegate to you.
  • Redfishs need to vest his/her earnings to grow SP on own account.
  • Delegation period will last only one month.
  • Currently only one person will be chosen per week.
  • It will be increase in number if I get co-sponsor.

@freedomshift how do you thinks about my giveaway. I think you could help me somehow. Please give suggestion how to fine tune my giveaway. Thanks for reading my post. I will appreciate everyone who support my giveaway.


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