Steemit Outgoing Votes Checker

This tools is created from witness @yehey. This is the link to use the above mention tool.

I cannot make a screen shot but you have to select Steemit – Outgong Vote Checker from the dropdown menu. Type your steemit name or upvoter name in Voter STEEM ID: text box. Type the author name in Optional Author ID: text box. You can leave it blank or add multiple id separated by comma. The results will be like following picture.

I am using this to check subscription bots are voting my post correctly or not. This will show a lot of data in the screen. It will show up to 1000 votes. This is an alternative way of looking up an upvote come from other steemians. This is very useful tool. Thanks to @yehey. I can check who is upvoting my post(I already know). What time did he upvote my post. What is his voting power. This post is especially built for whale. What time whales are coming in and upvote the posts. In steem blockchain everyone can see your upvote, transaction and post but you can encrypt your memo and comment(with esteem app). There are many useful tools in this website. I will write it about in my next post.

I am trying to promote steem in myanmar using my facebook page, youtube channel and steemit education post like this. I only have a few improvement but I will try as much as I can. Here is my youtube channel: I have only 38 scriber but I think it will increase soon. Here is my facebook page: It only has 50 likes but I promoted this page and I have more than 20000 reaches. I will appreciate whoever like my page and subscribe my youtube channel.





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