My score on Gold Miner/ earn upvotes by playing games/promoting goldminer

As a gamer sometimes I played game . Today I am playing games in

There are a lot of games to play. If you visit to goldminer you will see like the below image.

I chose play mini games here. Next screen will be like in the following video.

Gold miner is an interesting game. I played for 2 hours and got 7505 points

I would like to add some informations I noticed. I only reached level 8 so I knew the information up to level 8.

In every level there are points the player needs to reach.

Level Points needed Points different on each level
1 670 515
2 1185 840
3 2025 1070
4 3095 1255
5 4350 1745
6 6095 1795
7 7890 2235
8 10125

You can get gold by catching valuable items. Gold will give you dollar according to its size. Purge will give you a random things like dynamite, engine power and money. Blue diamond worths 500$. Red diamond worths 400$ and Green diamond worths 300$. This is very hard in level 8 and I think no one can win this level at current time. It is not showing correct money when I clicked share score.

I knew this game because of @newbiegames. Thanks to @simplymike. You can earn money by playing game and submit score.


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