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I like this contest along with payitforward contest. So I always try to participate in this contest. This contest is helding by @reonlouw.There will be 5 SBI share for tw0 winners and also 3 builds from steemitbuilder. These two will give life time upvote to you.

Tell us about a funny family member or close friend. What makes them funny?

I have a close friend that make a lot of funny things. When I went to Engineering University I met with him. Not only me all of my friend think him as clown of our university. He can make a lot of people . Almost everyone is laughing whenenve words are coming out from his mouth. His name is Nay Hlaing Oo but we call him “par choke” that means he participate in a lot of events. He know almost everyone in school. He is trolling around and around. He is the joker in my classmate. I liked him very much because he makes me laugh whenever we are together.

How do you think people describe you when you are not around? (Only positive comments. Nothing derogatory.)

They describe me as huge man “Mr Big” because of size of my body. My body weight is more than 220 lb and height of 5′ 10″. This is just normal for european native people but in myanmar this is very huge size. In myanmar my body weight and high is very rare. I am very significant amomg others because of my body size. I look like an elephant in the herd of sheep.

If you were president of your country for a day, what would be the one thing you would change?

It is very short time to be president for one day but I will try my best. I will declear the law that allows the cryptocurreny is  legit in my country. Why? Myanmar currency(kyats) can not be used to trade with other currency. Other countries will face the same problem but in Myanmar it is very severe because of low export and high import. We need to buy dollars and use it to import to my country. This is very bad situation. I think cryptocurrency is the only solution because everyone has equal chance in cryptocurrency. We can invest in cryptocurrency and change it back to fiat later.

What kind of weather do you enjoy the most? Why?

It would be the winter because of cool and dry. We have three seasons summer, rainy and winter. Summer starts in february and ends in may. Rainy season starts in may and ends in October. Winter season starts in November and ends in february. In summer the temperature is more than 44 sometimes so it is not very good for foreigner to visit to Myanmar. In rainy season it is difficult to go outside because it is raining continuously. In winter, The weather is good, cool and dry. It is very nice to walk and exercise. Most of the foreigners visit to Myanmar in winter.





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