It is time to increase your followers

I think this is a great time to increase your followers. As a social network you also need a lot of followers in Steemit like other social media platform. I have two reason why we should increase our follwers.

The two reasons are:

  1. @steem-ua
  2. @kiwibot


  1. @steem-ua

As you already know @steem-ua give upvote based on three reasons.

They are:

  1. How many people are following your account.
  2. How many upvotes on your post and
  3. How many comments on your post.

So If you want to get more valuable upvotes from steem-ua you have to make the above three better.

2. @kiwibot

If you are not delegating SP to steem-ua, you should not be worry. I have another plan. @kiwibot is currently giving away 1 SBI share to steemians who wrote about their. The steemians must have at least 500 followers (previously it was 1000 followers). If you have more followers you will get more. If you have 1000 follwers you will get 2 SBI shares. I will write about @kiwibot but I only have 250 followers.



  • Follow me and comment your name in my post.
  • I will follow you back and will also give a comment.

Everyone is welcome to participate. This kind of appoturinity appears in steemit quite often. Don’t make this change run away. If you see this kind of opportunity you can mention me.





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