Inspiration and motivation

Yesterday I has surfed on steemit and I found 2 interesting posts that motivate me. The first one is written by @tarazkp.



While everyone is waiting for higher prices to post, I am hoping to earn some Vests in the meantime. I am going to keep building the relationships, keep grinding away and keep helping others do the same. This might potentially be the most profitable year of your earning life and even though you are going to have to be patient for the return, the work has to be done now.

The above are the sentences from his post. This is what we should keep in mind. This keep me inspiration to move on but I still have to learn how to build a successful network. I bought a few steem and power up after reading his post.

This is what I can do now. In myanmar it is difficult to buy steem because nobody want to sell with lower price and they keep waiting the price to go up. There is no direct exchange method. I hope one day we can do like Nigeria and Ghana. What I means is steemexchanger.

I did not see option for paypal. I hope one day we can add myanmar bank in the bank list. That make more investors from myanmar come to steemit.

As everyone see there are two parts in his sentences. First one is keep posting or power up and second one is building the relationships. I try to build relationship but normally I wrote posts using burmese language. The contest is ideas from the steemit like steembasicincome, steem-bounty. Most of the posts are translation style so I can not get much attention from english language users.

To build relationships I will set 3 steem bounty on this post. I normally got more than 1 STU from my post with the support of @steempress-io. I want to get 2 STU in this post (just 2 STU but if will be better if I get more) and more than 5 comments in this post.

The second post is written by @abh12345.

Wondering why your account isn’t growing? Get your influence out of the fucking bots and talk to the people still giving a fuck

Nowadays bidbots are growing tremendously. People are delegating their SP to bidbots and get profits or selling the votes from using their account. Both is this make the downside of steemit. This can prevent an account from growing. If you delegate SP to bidbots  you can only cast the dust vote to other. If you sell your vote you can not cast a vote to others or cast a few vote on others.

No upvote, no comment and you are like an inactive man in steemit so this is not good for long term. I can see his feelings through his post. To become a successful steemian writing  quality posts regularly is important and commenting on other’s post and casting upvote on other’s posts(building relationships) are important. If everyone is selling their vote what will happen in steemit. There will be no place for content creator. I will create a post written in english every week to get attention from english users.

This is my thoughts you may agree or you may not. I will upvote every first level comment. So ready to get bounty. Caution: my upvote worth only 0.01 STU so upvote from other steemians will also be needed to get payout.


Ideas on Steem blockchain Series


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