Project Prometheus: Week 1 update

There are only a few supporters for this project for the week 1 but it will be better for the next week. I have 3 shares of SBI and got daily upvote from @accelerator. Thanks to @paulag and @simplymike for sbi shares. I got 100 delegated SP from @ptcmyanmar for this project. @mshahabi, @minnowsupport, @ccir105, @mamamyanmar, @myothuzar, @khaylay, @atgaday, @nyinyiphyo upvoted on my project post. I would like to express my gratitude to them for their support.

My objective for next coming week is to get 500 SP (including delegated SP). I will try as fast as possible and give support to community. Any kinds of support like comments, upvotes and resteem would be helpful for me. Creating a logo and a banner for @mmunited is also welcome. I also need banner and logo. I will not as delegation link for @mmunited in this post. Everyone who want to delegate to me and don’t know how to delegate just leave a comment in this post.


Any kind of supports would be appreciated.




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